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Additional Services

We want to highlight the stories of people and organizations that are protecting our planet. If your university, event, or business is making our world a better place, let’s work together to amplify what you do! Together we can reach a broader audience and make lasting change for generations to come. Below are examples of the services we offer:


science communication workshops 

Our science communication workshops are multi-day programs catered to graduate and undergraduate students conducting original research. These programs are an excellent way for young scientists to hone their technical and non-technical communication skills. Our workshops include the following: 

  • Group sessions covering science communication goals and techniques

  • Individual mentoring sessions catered to each student’s research

  • Group recording sessions where students are interviewed for an episode of Conservation Connection!

event amplification

Our event amplification program can take your event, seminar, film festival, or conference to the next level, extending your reach and putting your stories in the ears of our global podcast listenership. We have the experience, knowledge, and personality to help your guests shine while they tell their story to event attendees and podcast listeners alike!

Partnerships can include some or all of the following:

  • Up to 7 episodes recorded at your event, released as a season on our podcast

  • Public panels at your event moderated by the hosts of Conservation Connection

  • Social media promotion leading up to, during, and after your event

  • Audio interviews with select guests or event organizers, for exclusive use by your organization however you see fit

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