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Meet the Team

Sarah Kathryn Ruder

A long time believer that people can make a difference in the world they live in, I hope to inspire others to be active participants in protecting our environment. My experience includes Whale Shark research and public education at the Georgia Aquarium where I volunteered for four years. I have also spent time in Wales researching wild marine species and documenting their behavior, as well as participating in public outreach programs. Most recently I worked as a Marine Mammal Specialist at Dolphin Quest Hawaii, where I led training sessions and public interactions ​between our guests and dolphins.

I received my degree in Psychology from Auburn University in 2015 and immediately moved down to the Florida Keys. That's where I met Chance and we discovered a mutual interest in wildlife conservation and public education. And so, the idea of creating a fun and effective format to educate the public on today's environmental issues was born!

Chance Ruder

For as long as I can remember I've loved nature, and with that love comes a life-long calling to protect and conserve the natural spaces on this earth. In my life I've seen that there is no better way to protect something than to educate others about its beauty and importance. I began working with birds of prey in Texas 1997, and since then I've studied a broad range of animals and environments. I've been up close and personal with bats in South Texas, sea turtles in the British Virgin Islands, sharks in the Bahamas, dolphins in the Florida Keys, sea lions in the Channel Islands, and many many more.


I'm currently based outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Until recently, I was in the Florida Keys, spending my days bringing the ocean's wonders to the public through scuba and snorkel adventures at a local aquarium. Before I landed in the Keys I graduated from Davidson College class of 2015 with a BS in Biology and a BA in Theatre. I met SK down in the islands and our shared goal of wildlife conservation brought us together: as a team we hope to raise awareness and inspire action on behalf of the environments that we love!

Behind the Name

Endeavor (noun)

A focused, sustained effort intended to achieve a goal or bring about a change. 

We strongly believe that today’s environment is rapidly shifting. This shift endangers many of the world’s most precious ecosystems and species, driving them closer and closer to vanishing. The choices we make in the next few years will leave a legacy for thousands of years to come: this is our Last Chance to conserve the wildlife that we so dearly love, and through focused, sustained effort we believe we can encourage people to take action to protect their planet.

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