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School Trip in Forest

more than a podcast

Conservation Connection is more than just a podcast, it’s also the name of our 501(c)3 nonprofit organization! We originally incorporated under the name Last Chance Endeavors in 2018, and since the beginning our mission has been to create opportunities for anyone to learn how to care for our planet by bringing engaging and educational programs to them, wherever they are. 

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While the core of our work today revolves around researching, recording, and editing our show, over the years we’ve accomplished our mission in a variety of ways. We’ve performed direct-education programs at schools, teacher training with school districts, summer camp programs for public school students, guided hikes in local green spaces, and much much more! 


Our podcast reaches across the globe, but we also believe in the importance of investing in our local community. Since 2020 we’ve written and run summer programs for the youth of Georgia, and we frequently partner with local educational groups in our hometown of Columbus to build a relationship between the next generation and the natural world around them. 


To broaden our reach, we actively seek out relationships with research institutions, telling the stories of their scientists and teaching seminars for young researchers. As experts in science communication, we want to share our techniques that transform technical jargon into meaningful storytelling.


It is our sincere hope that we are building a world in which every person has a relationship with the nature that surrounds them, protecting our planet as it supports us with each breath that we take. Together, we can create a truly sustainable future!

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