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about the podcast

Today’s environment is rapidly shifting, endangering many of the world’s ecosystems and making their struggle for survival even harder. The good news is that experts across the globe are working tirelessly to protect our planet! These scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and nature lovers inspire us, showing that dedication and creativity really can save the world. Our passion for this planet and the people working to protect it led us to create Conservation Connection!


On each episode of our podcast, Conservation Connection, we record rigorous and curious conversations with the people who are saving the planet; sitting down with today’s leading wildlife scientists, conservationists and changemakers to better understand the natural world around us and what we can do to protect it. We make contemporary stories in the fields of environmental science, sustainability, and conservation accessible to anyone who cares about our planet. On our show almost anything is up for discussion: from coastal protection to sustainable fashion to what’s happening on Capitol Hill, Conservation Connection is your companion for a better world!

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