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Extended Programs

Love what we do? Want to get your classroom more involved? We love to facilitate short and long-term projects with classrooms! Our extended programs are geared for middle and high school students, putting them on the front-line of scientific discovery and environmental conservation!

Monitoring and Increasing Campus Biodiversity

Biodiversity is critical to maintaining healthy ecosystems, but unfortunately we are currently losing global biodiversity at an alarming rate. Your class can be a part of the solution through our biodiversity program! In this program, students quantify the biodiversity found on your campus, then develop and implement solutions to make your campus a more attractive home to Georgia’s native wildlife.

Waste Monitoring and Reduction

With a growing human population, more and more waste is produced each day. Do you know how many kilos of trash your school creates? In this program students create and implement a system to monitor the amount and type of waste being produced by your school, then investigate possible solutions to minimize the amount of trash produced.

Renewable Energy Investigation

We’re in the middle of a historic transition between fossil fuels and renewable energy sources. In this extended investigation students will delve into the origin of the electricity coming out of the outlet on the wall, investigate the ways in which electricity can be produced, and create working devices to convert kinetic or potential energy into electricity.

Radio-Tracking Litter

With the rise of plastics has come an increase in persistent plastic waste, but is it really “out of sight out of mind”? In this extended program students will release a plastic bottle into the wild, then use GPS trackers and radio telemetry to document the path the bottle takes as it travels through our environment. 

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